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Get words that sell like Eames and sound like you

Good copy is strategic and intentional. 

Learn how to attract your ideal clients.

Become a magnet for clients who love your vision–
and are willing to pay for it

It starts with the right copy 

Imagine sinking your teeth into a luxury penthouse design project or a Frank Lloyd Wright restoration while an expert takes care of your:

  • Blog posts

  • Website content

  • Email marketing 

  • Product copy

  • Brochures and bios

    (All your consistent content) 

I doubt you opened up shop to be pinned to a computer writing your copy and content. But to grow and sustain your design firm or home business in the 21st century takes engaging, consistent content to move the needle of your business forward.

So put down your pencil (or your laptop) and stop:

  • Obsessing over the perfect headline– and start booking more client meetings

  • Stressing over your website copy – and start attracting clients with bigger budgets

  • Struggling to write consistent blog posts and start earning enough to hire a team 

Start signing contracts for dream projects 

Free up your time for the projects you love while a professional

reaches your ideal clients with the right words.

As your home and interior design copywriter, I'll help you:

  • Pinpoint and articulate your value

  • Make your messaging compelling and crystal clear

  • Uncover the gems in your business that make you truly unique

  • Find good reasons for prospects to like, trust, and book with YOU

  • This is what I do.

Hi, I'm Stacy Sare Cohen, owner and chief wordsmith at Cohen Creative Copy. I help clients increase their authority with clear, compelling messaging that gets more eyes on their business. 


“Well done Stacy! You have exceeded my expectations and made me realize I should have done this way before now. Your copy will position my business well in this competitive market.”

— Ricci Jackson, Owner of Your Design Partner


“Amazing creativity, great editing skits, and a pleasure to work with are the qualities that come to mind when I think about working with Stacy. I was so impressed with Stacy's storytelling abilities, smart input, and professionalism."

— Chabely Amo Fernandez, Product Manager

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