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Modern Kitchen


Design and real estate marketing strategies that

capture, captivate and convert.


Position your brand with a clear strategy that aligns with your ideal clients, business goals and vision.


Wave goodbye to flighty freelancers. We take project deadlines seriously, and we know your industry. 


Get optimized web content that impresses search engines and engages and connects with humans.

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Modern Dining Room

As a designer you curate elegant, cohesive spaces from a blank canvas.


You transform interiors into dream homes.

You keep memories alive arranging heirlooms and collectibles in the perfect spot.


You create visual stories that get passed down in families for generations.


If anyone deserves to build wealth, it's you.

But if you're still attracting tire kickers and low-budget projects, it's time for a change.

Make every word count

You've created a meticulous portfolio that showcases your mastery of design. But do the words on your website and branding materials do your photography justice — and  bring in the right people? Or do they lack purpose and impact?

 If you're not attracting the clients you seek to work with, perhaps it's time to invest in an expert.

Stylist Table and Plants

Struggling with high bounce rates?

Let's fix that. 

Self-indulgent copy that's "all about you" leads to closed web browsers and lost financial opportunities.


But when your words resonate with your readers they stay glued to the page.

The right words. . .

  • Clarify your value in a crowded marketplace

  • Build trust and credibility in your brand

  • Enhance your portfolio with persuasive details and stories that can't be expressed in photos alone

  • Motivate your visitors to action

  • Earn you more moolah!

Done-for-you copy + content

Need a custom website, blog, newsletter, lead magnet, bio or brochure to grow your business?

Cory Simon photo

"Stacy's expertise in translating my vision and journey into compelling words has not only enhanced my website and welcome packet but also made my brand's distinctive approach to design

unmistakably clear."


Cory Simon, Owner and founder of 290 Eliot Interiors

Cory Simon,

Founder of 290 Eliot Interiors

It's time to wave goodbye to low-paying clients and 

hello to projects that bring in the green.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a chateau redo while an expert brings in a steady stream of high-end clients with copy that works for your business.

Capture your dream clients with storytelling

Great storytelling is the foundation of award-winning literature and Oscar-nominated films. But it's also the perfect sales tool to promote your design services, tell your story and connect with your ideal reader. 

When you weave compelling narratives about your prospect into your copy, it creates an emotional connection and makes your readers want to know and buy more.

Make your audience the protagonist of your story and you've won them over.

SEO-friendly content that help clients find you.

A custom website that hooks visitors with every word

Engaging lead magnets that inspire visitors to schedule consultations

Irresistible product and service descriptions

that sell themselves

Social proof that builds trust and credibility 

Hi, I'm Stacy

Copywriter and content strategist and founder of Cohen Creative Copy. My love for language, design and home—and good coffee—fuels my passion for crafting compelling copy for design firms and brands. Let's merge our expertise and create something extraordinary.

Why Us?

3 Step Plan: Capture, Captivate, Convert

1. Book a complimentary discovery call.

2. Create a custom messaging strategy for your business

3. Repel the penny pinchers and reel in the big dreamers.

 Like you, I have a well-defined process that ensures my success.

My approach goes beyond mere "pretty words." although you might find a few.  It's rooted in storytelling, consumer psychology and a client-centered approach. We'll dive deep into the research and discovery process and decide on a clear strategy before I write a single word.


Some items we cover include your ideal clients, differentiators, design philosophy and brand voice so your deeply reaches your market and sounds like you.

When we collaborate, you get:

  • An industry specialist who knows the language your clients speak

  • Over a decade of professional copywriting, content marketing, and journalism expertise

  • Equal parts creativity (art) and science (data)

  • Breakdown of complex industry jargon and topics into engaging and informative language that can clients understand

  • A thorough research and discovery process, including voice of customer (VOC ) research through surveys and interviews

  • A proven framework for uncovering your domain of genius

  • An effective strategy for nailing down your brand voice and tone so your copy feels authentic

  • Persuasive techniques that sell like crazy without sounding pushy or salesy

Let's capture, captivate and convert your audience with copy that sells like an Eames Lounge Chair at a flea market.

So. . . put down your pencil (or your laptop) and . . .

  • Start ranking better in search engines. 

  • Stand out from other designers.

  • Develop a consistent brand voice for all your marketing.

  • Enjoy more creative and fulfilling projects that align with your values.

What Clients Say

Christopher Assoc. Editor

Christopher Rogacz,
Homelight Assoc. Editor

"Stacy is the kind of writer that editors dream of. . ."


Her work is well-researched, authoritative but engaging, her drafts are timely and require minimal editing. In the year that I have worked with Stacy as one of HomeLight's freelance writers, I have always been able to trust her with challenging assignments and have consistently been delighted with the results. Stacy is a consummate professional who adds value for our readers and for our brand.


Cory Simon,

Founder of 290 Eliot Interiors

After collaborating with Stacy, my brand's unique focus on honoring the architecture of homes and utilizing durable products was brought to the forefront.

Stacy's insightful questionnaire and understanding of my business allowed her to capture and clarify these defining aspects in my copy, making them more prominent and resonant with my clients. 


Her expertise in translating my vision and journey into compelling words has not only enhanced my website and welcome packet but also made my brand's distinctive approach to design unmistakably clear. I'm extremely pleased with how Stacy's copywriting has solidified my brand's identity and communicated the uniqueness of my design philosophy.

samantha editor

A fantastic communicator and a pleasure to work with


From the beginning of Stacy’s journey with Forbes Home, her work has been excellent, nearly perfect grammar- and formatting-wise and always on time or ahead of schedule. She is a fantastic communicator and. a pleasure to work with. Anyone working with Stacy can expect diligence, thorough research, innate knowledge of up-to-date SEO practices, punctuality, clean formatting and smart and crafty copy.

Samantha Allen
Editor, Forbes Advisor

Ricci Jackson photo

Stacy, you have improved my copy 1000%


Stacy, you have improved my copy 1000%! My copy reads professionally and will position my business well in this very competitive market. I consider myself a decent writer, but this? You have exceeded my expectations and made me realize, I should have done this waayyyy before now. . . . I questioned making this decision because of the investment, but in turn, I received so much more. Thanks again!

Ricci Jackson,
Owner, Your Design Partner

Michelle Mizera photo

Michelle Mizera,

Real Estate Mktg. Montgomery Partners

Stacy continuously meets our expectations — and most importantly, on-time

Stacy has been writing emails and content for my kitchen renovation client for several months now and I am impressed by her creativity and expert ability to deliver a message to our different audiences. I had a lot of trouble finding the right person with the right voice to represent the company but Stacy fit the bill! She continuously meets our expectations, and most importantly, on time!

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