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Hi, I’m Stacy, your interior design writer.
I whip words into shape. 
They’re seasoned and prepared with
precision, persuasion, and personality, so your business looks as good as the properties and products you design and sell.

My Story

Growing up in a family of artists  on the Jersey Shore, I spent many weekends carrying large oil painting canvases to art shows where my mother often won first prize.


Our Victorian home nicknamed Wuthering Sands was frequently inhabited by painters, sculptors, photographers, and musicians. The vernacular that echoed through the halls  included words like "perspective, light, and shadow, and burnt sienna."


After leaving the nest – an exciting seven year career as a New York hairstylist, I studied design and enrolled in college to pursue my love of writing.


I earned a Bachelor of Art in English from UCLA, worked as an arts and entertainment reporter for the Daily Bruin, and later earned a Master’s Degree. But frankly, my real education began when I dove into the role of a marketing and advertising copywriter learning proven marketing strategies under some of the most talented pros in the industry.

Think Mad Men creatives without the extramarital affairs and liquid lunches,

though, they did throw some great parties.

During my copywriting career, I wrote copy for a leading regional electronics brand. I wrote for fashion, and later extensively for travel brands, including Princess Cruises and Cunard.

Other brands I assisted with their messaging and blogs include Priceline, Apartment Therapy, The Moorings Yacht Charters, and The Penny Hoarder, as well as some growing brands. View some work examples.


In both cases, I learned firsthand how the power of the right words increases bookings, sells vacations, and generates more leads and sales.

With an inbound marketing certificate under my belt and knowledge of SEO best practices and digital marketing, today I help clients grow their online presence in the niches of interior design, real estate, and home goods from the convenience of my home office. That's the beauty of the digital landscape.

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